Garlic and Onion Extracts

Garlic and onion extracts offer a natural advantage over dehydrated alternatives. Not only are they easier to use and store, they offer greater stability and microbial quality in products. Delivering an immediate flavour impact.


Paprika and Capsicum Extracts

Agromills has a long history in the Paprika Industry in South Africa. One of the early growers and manufacturers of Paprika Powder. Diversifying itself to be the prominent player in “Paprika Extracts/ Oleoresins”.


Spice and Herb Extracts

Spice & Herb extracts are building blocks of Taste & Sensory of any product. Agromill’s wide and extensive range of Spice & Herb extracts are easy substitute as “Dry Spice” alternatives, imparting in greater consistency and safety.


Essential Oils

The fragrant beginning of essential oils dates back to ancient cultures where it was believed to be the soul and life force of a plant. Natural Essential Oils are aromatic, volatile liquids that are steam/hydro distilled from plant parts like seeds, flowers, fruits, stems, bark, roots, leaves and more.



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