Garlic and Onion Extracts

Garlic and onion extracts offer a natural advantage over dehydrated alternatives. Not only are they easier to use and store, they offer greater stability and microbial quality in products, delivering an immediate flavour impact.

Product Range

  • Garlic Oil
  • Garlic Oleoresin
  • Green Garlic Oleoresin
  • Roasted Garlic
  • Onion Oil
  • Onion Oleoresin
  • Green Onion Oleoresin
  • Roasted Onion.

Application of Garlic and Onion Extracts

Food Flavouring

The application of Onion & Garlic Oil/Oleoresin to food flavours covers the range from Snacks to Soups to Breads. We assist our customers in creating a unique flavour.

Onion & Garlic Oil/ Oleoresin are favourites with the Spice Blenders to boost their seasoning mixes, achieving cost savings, longer shelf life and better consistency.

Onion & Garlic Oil/ Oleoresin are also used in marinades, pickles & mayonnaise.


Meat processors and savoury seasoning manufacturers uses the combination of Onion and Garlic as an easy to use enhancement in various applications.

Ready to Eat/Cook

Garlic Oil and Oleoresins are blended with vegetable oils to create garlic flavoured oils.

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