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About Us

We rely truly on “Nature”. Nature holds its “Flavour” uniquely. It is so characteristic that every tiny drop of it can create wonders.

At Agro-Mills, we create wonders from nature with focus on Spice Extracts/Oleoresin – “Oily Extracts,” Essential Oils, Natural Colours, Natural Antioxidants and Speciality Spice Ingredients. We welcome you to our humble journey of wonders.

The Company’s roots go back to early 1990

Agro-Mills has become the household name in the South African value-added spice ingredient industry, serving the Flavours & Fragrances, Meat, Savoury & Sweet Seasonings, Dry Spice, Sauces & Dips, Beverage industries and numerous others.

The Agro-Mills' in-house production of customized oleoresin - essential oil blends is supported by a wide range of raw materials (Oleoresins, Extracts and Essential Oils) most of which we carry in house.

Innovation and Product Development form the foundation of our success in the industry.


All oleoresins, essential oils and natural colours we use in our blends are FSA, KOSHER and HALAAL certified.

Agro-Mills' in-house blends and re-packs are KOSHER and HALAAL certified and will be HACCP certified in the near future.